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In May, Lynn and I visited the mecca of outdoor stores in Colorado – Denver & Boulder – to talk about luggage for this trip. Why go to Colorado to learn about gear? Have you met someone from Colorado who hasn’t gone hiking, camping and trekking … exactly … and they all seem to work at every outdoor shop in town! It was a whole new world that opened before my eyes (literally) and I was overwhelmed by the selection, all the gadgets, the fact that I bought a raincoat for my luggage.

When I first started showing people my bag for the trip I began to get a little nervous. This is the typical response, “that’s all you’re taking,” or “WOW, that’s compact!” I was so proud of my selection in the store and had grand illusions that EVERYTHING would fit. WARNING! Don’t always trust the know-it-alls in Colorado outdoor luggage departments they apparently can make pants out of leaves! It was a bit of a hard lesson, we had our first fight this week, (I have affectionately nicknamed my bag Millie) and she won.

Millie has made me a minimalist, I had to loose the hair curlers (I’m still a bit bitter). I also decided that too much underwear is not a good thing and that extra pair of sneakers will just not make this journey. Since June I have heard Lynn’s voice in my head, “every ounce counts” and I could not agree more. Millie is a bit heavy and I am sure that we will go through a few more “keep or toss” moments before we depart.

So if you see a picture with some crazy haired woman looking like she needs a new pair of underwear wondering around because she lost her shoes carrying Millie … you will know that it’s me. Don’t judge, packing your life for a year in a 45 liter bag is not as simple as it looks!


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  1. Darrell Jordan
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    Merry Christmas, Jadine!

  2. Jenna and Joanne
    | Reply

    Yay! We are so excited for your amazing journey ahead! We love you so much!

  3. Susan Moyse
    | Reply

    Oh Nellie Bell, I absolutely cracked up on this one! I am finally trying to catch up on other people’s lives, which are far more interesting than mine. The backpack, what a concept. Better you than me on that one. I still like to travel heavy, despite the added cost. As one gets older, one needs more props to look acceptable in public, so my days of backpacking anywhere are lost for sure. Can’t wait to have time to read more about your travels. Loving living vicariously through you – thanks! Safe travels and be safe!

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