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Barbie basking up the rays

I got a little sun burnt yesterday. It really wasn’t my intention at all but the water was so warm, the breeze was cooling and the sight seeing was off the charts! If you do decide to make your way to Auckland, I would suggest skipping the city center hotels and opt for the beach! Let’s be real … even Barbie was basking it all up.

Before hitting the beach we did do a little grocery store shopping for essentials – fruit, water, peanut butter, bread, cheesy aliens. I so did not buy cheesy aliens but I was amused for the next 40 minutes as we went up and down the aisles. Another crazy little fact, they don’t refrigerate their eggs (I am sure this is normal everywhere outside the US but it led to us buying a bottle of wine as we contemplated the normalcy of this idea). Our grocery store exhibition took us a little longer than we originally thought do to one major item … HONEY … the selection was endless. You had mild, medium, strong varying from white to dark and then compounded by grades. Lynn and I opted for an $15 jar of honey, you know the one that has a certified 10+ antibacterial activity and under the grocery store lights promised to cure us on any aliments we might have; I personally believe it’s made out of bees only pollinating four leaf clovers (Manuka Honey).

As I sit here writing, eating my peanut butter and honey sandwich in my Holiday Inn Express bed (yes this is all factual), I want you to know that we are planning to right the world today by taking a hike through a forest. Who knows, we might find a cure for cancer or market the next pet rock; anything is possible and one thing is for sure, I will be bathing in sunscreen today!



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    Happy New Year to you both! So excited for you! Best of luck on this journey. Can’t wait to hear more.

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